Wakeboarding is synonymous with skill, boldness and thrill. This extreme watersport gives a genuine feeling of freedom on water. Sometimes this feeling is so intense it makes us forget we are being pulled by a cable and soon enough, we start imagining ourselves surfing on the ocean! The Eastern Townships has three beautiful lakes to really enjoy wakeboarding: Memphremagog, Brome and Massawippi. Ready to “surf” with us this summer?

Majestic Lake Memphremagog

In the Eastern Townships, wakeboarding enthusiasts usually meet at Lake Memphremagog (vast lake in ain8ba8dawaw8gan or abenaki). Start your getaway directly from the Merry Club Marina or one of the five boat descents listed along the lake. You’ll have access to a 50-kilometer-long playground between Magog and Newport, Vermont! But beware of Memphré, the famous monster of Lake Memphremagog… Truth? Legend? Maybe you will have the chance to meet him between two wave jumps!

Picturesque Brome Lake

Brome Lake is also a well known wakeboarding destination. Interestingly, it is a perfect place for beginners, thanks to the Waketime nautical school in Knowlton which offers a host of courses, both for neophytes and experts looking to improve certain tricks.

In the late afternoon, spend some time in the village of Knowlton to discover the Microbrewery The Knowlton Co. or take the opportunity to follow the wine route and visit the nearby Léon Courville vineyard.

Discreet Lake Massawippi

Finally, Lake Massawippi, (a large deep lake in abenaki) is a beautiful body of water of 14.53 square kilometers. Nestled in the small region of Brome-Missisquoi, between North Hatley and Ayer’s Cliff, it offers wakeboard fans enough space to really enjoy themselves.

After the trip on the lake, you can meet up with friends in one of the small friendly restaurants located in the village of North Hatley. For example the bistro of La Chocolatière Inn or the restaurant pub Pilsen.

Wakeboarding: a matter of respect

It is always important to behave well on lakes. Wakeboarding may be an exciting sport, but it can also be harmful to the shores. Be a good citizen and respect the regulations put in place to protect these three lakes, especially by practicing wakeboarding only in areas where it is allowed.

More details on the www.mrcmemphremagog.com website

Have a great summer and be careful on the water!